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Cumbria Wildlife Trust

Peat is hugely important to our natural world. As well as a great habitat for wildlife, it's valuable for combatting climate change and has a range of benefits including flood prevention and purifying water.

Whilst still under appreciated, peatlands are more effective at carbon storage and mitigation than tropical forests. Peat has relevance across many of our priorities (habitats, climate, freshwater, nature-friendly farming).

What we want to achieve

Impact goal

Preserved and improved species health and habitats

Long-term outcomes
  • Peat is recognised as a climate change superpower as well as for its importance to nature
  • Peat is no longer a component of horticultural products and people understand the implications of their buying choices on global peat stores and climate change
  • Degraded peatland sites are restored for nature and for people
  • All important peatland sites, including those outside protected areas, have statutory protections at least as powerful as currently in place and that those are properly applied
  • Farmed peat soils are managed sustainably
  • All UK countries manage their peat resource sustainably

If you are interested in applying for funding on under this priority, please see our guidance for support.