We aim to improve our natural world, secure a fairer future and strengthen the bonds in communities in the UK.

COVID-19: Insights from our response

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We will launch a new five-year strategy in October 2020.

We are looking forward to sharing it with you. Under our new strategy, our work will have three aims: our natural world; a fairer future; and creative, confident communities.

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Great Crested Newt

Our Natural World

We want to ensure that our natural world is restored and protected and that people benefit from that recovery. Working with others, we will contribute to three key impact goals: preserved and improved species health and habitats, clean and healthy freshwater, and sustainable and ethical food.

Advocacy Academy

A Fairer Future

We want to contribute to a just and anti-racist society, where those most likely to have their rights denied have those rights protected, as well as the opportunity to speak and be heard, and the freedom to express their creativity.  We want to shine new light on areas of need and challenge the cultures, systems and behaviours that stand in the way of change.

Hijinx Theatre

Creative, Confident Communities

We want to strengthen the bonds in communities, helping local people to build vibrant, confident places where they can fulfil their creative, human and economic potential. Places where the local economy works better for the people who live there, where there is equality of access to arts and culture, and where communities are at the heart of change.

Our impact

  • £772m

    Total grants made since 1961

  • £40.2m

    Funding spend in 2019

  • £45m

    Allocation to social investment

  • 66%

    Grants for core or unrestricted costs


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