A Fairer Future

Advocacy Academy

We want to provide the support and space to enable others we work alongside to create lasting change, and to challenge systems that stand in the way.

We want to contribute to a socially just and anti-racist society, where people have their rights protected, as well as the opportunity to speak and be heard, and the freedom to express their creativity. And across all our work in A Fairer Future, we are keen to support organisations led by the people they serve.

Working with others, we will contribute to three key impact goals by 2030:

  1. Improved systems, policy and practice.
  2. Organisations are strengthened to use their power to tackle systemic injustice and inequity.
  3. Organisations work together and build movements to tackle systemic injustice and inequity.

PLEASE NOTE: We will reopen to new applications in A Fairer Future in October, when we will share more information including our updated Guidance for Support.

Our priorities

We have five priority areas where we believe we can make the most effective contribution; using our existing knowledge and relationships, by working at the intersections of issues; and by building our understanding through working with others, especially those with experience of the issues we are trying to address.


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