Our strategy

West London Zone

We aim to improve our natural world, secure a fairer future and strengthen the bonds in communities in the UK.

We do this by contributing all that we can to unlock change by people and organisations with brilliant ideas who share our goals.

If you use a screen reader or would prefer to read our strategy on a web page, you can also find it here.

To learn more about our strategy, do also watch our webinar where the Esmée Team share some of the thinking behind our strategy and how we make decisions.

Please note that we updated our strategy for Creative, Confident Communities in November 2021. Learn more about the update.

You can also see our original strategy here.

Our response to COVID

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    Insights and learning

    We share insights from our work along with research and evaluation we've commissioned, and key publications from work we fund.

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  • Effervescent

    Our aims

    Learn more about our impact goals and priorities for the next five years. We also share insights and learning as well as information about what we fund.

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  • Participatory City

    Our support

    Working in collaboration with others, we use all our tools to achieve our shared goals and to effect broader change. Learn more about our range of tools and support.

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