Corston Independent Funders’ Coalition shares new objectives to support women’s access to justice

The Corston Independent Funders’ Coalition (CIFC) is a group of independent funders working together to enable women’s access to justice by supporting women-centred, holistic and trauma-responsive approaches.

Following the publication of The Corston Report in 2007, the CIFC was formed to advocate for the full implementation of the Report’s recommendations for women in the criminal justice system. This month, the CIFC launched their revised statement of purpose to reflect the shared goals and opportunities for collaboration identified by members during a recent review. As part of this, they have also shared plans to develop their work under four key objectives.

Esmée Fairbairn Foundation is pleased to be a CIFC member and we’re excited about the opportunities it offers to influence policy and practice and ensure women with experience of the criminal justice system have the support they need.

The CIFC’s four objectives

  1. Adoption of good practice grant-making approaches and techniques through sharing learning and advocating for women within our own Trusts and Foundations and funder networks.
  2. Identifying and implementing good and promising practice, sharing key learning with practitioners, funders and decision-makers.
  3. Identifying emerging issues facing women in the criminal justice system and the charities that support them and leveraging the heft, legacy and expertise of the Coalition to work with and alongside charities to secure improvements to local and national legislation, policy, and practice.
  4. Mobilising our own Trusts' resources to deliver a robust and vibrant funding model and, where possible, advocating for a similar approach from statutory funders so that women's centres and specialist organisations and services have the funds needed to deliver vital services.

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