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Nature friendly farming

Manchester Veg People

There is immense value in nature friendly farming with benefits not just for the recovery of wildlife but also for our health.

There is a growing body of farmers leading the way in using innovative approaches to farming that produces food at the same time as restoring nature and allowing soils to recover. This has helped to create a window of opportunity to demonstrate the value of nature-friendly farming that will also help to increase biodiversity lost as a result of current farming practices.

What we want to achieve

Impact goal

Sustainable and ethical food

Long term outcomes
  • The benefits, including health benefits, of sustainable farming are widely recognised
  • Farmland wildlife and biodiversity is restored
  • The status of other species on farms is better understood and recovery is underway
  • Soil health is restored, soils contain more carbon and chemical usage has been reduced
  • Working with nature on farms makes good business sense and is widely demonstrated and accepted
  • More people have access to and buy locally produced food

If you are interested in applying for funding on under this priority, please see our guidance for support.