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The 4FRONT Project

The 4FRONT Project

The 4Front Project is a member-led youth organisation that envisions an equitable world in which young people experience justice, love and peace, so they have the freedom to thrive and fulfil their dreams. 4Front exists to serve young people who have experienced trauma, violence and racial injustice, by fighting for their rights, supporting them to heal, and empowering them to build communities where they are nurtured, protected and respected.

How far we have come mentally and how much we have learnt - about ourselves and other people, will stay with us for life. Things we wouldn't have done before. I feel like I was supported to the full capacity.

Boy, 18

4Front's holistic membership support model combines therapeutic, advocacy and leadership support services. It has been specifically designed to empower young people with complex needs resulting from multiple systemic disadvantages to advocate for themselves, have their rights upheld and respected, their voices heard and their needs met.

By serving some of the most marginalised and vulnerable youth in society with a comprehensive wrap-around model, 4Front has developed invaluable insight into the ways in which racialised young people are failed and harmed day to day by the criminal legal, education and social care system. This unique perspective enables 4Front to build strong campaigns to fight racial injustice and systemic violence which they do so alongside partners. By amplifying 4Front members’ voices and advocating for a holistic approach to build peace, 4Front is transforming the way in which society understands how to support young people affected by violence and shaping the agenda around how to tackle the systemic causes of it.

4Front is based in Jahiem's Justice Centre, a disused chemist reclaimed by the 4Front community and transformed into a powerful youth space in the heart of Grahame Park Estate. Jaheim’s Justice Centre is a flagship part of changing practice. By transforming the chemist into a welcoming base of healing, justice making, creativity, community power building and change making, 4Front demonstrates how existing infrastructure and services can be repurposed and developed to nurture young people.

Connection to Esmée's strategy

Long-term outcomes
  • Young people (14-25) with experience of injustice create and lead positive change, and shape decision making.
  • Disproportionate harm caused by racial injustice in systems, policy and practice is reduced.

We were being taught about us, where we are being deprived, it was interesting for people to know, interact and ask questions. I don't think I have seen that before - community wise. Everyone is just fighting for each other to be honest, even through the sad times we were preaching our joy, still showing love to each other and supporting each other. Our opinions and voices have helped shape 4FRONT’s campaign and what 4FRONT puts out there. We are here to be a voice for the youth and through our experiences understanding the youth.

Boy, 17

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