Creative, Confident Communities

Community ownership and regeneration

Tremayne Hall

When communities have ownership of local land, housing, and services, they have a stake in more than just assets.

We believe that community ownership could help rebuild local economies, and should play a central role in creating collaborative, thriving, and green local economies for all.

What we want to achieve

Impact goal

Local economies work better for the people who live there

Long term outcomes
  • Communities are central to rebuilding local economies in recovering from COVID-19 and in the future
  • There is an increase in models of community ownership and regeneration (of land, assets, housing, and services) across the UK
  • Increased models of economic development rooted in social and environmental justice and a green recovery
  • Local economies address inequality
  • Locally rooted institutions use their purchasing power and assets to achieve greater social and economic justice in their communities
  • Sustainable enterprise and natural solutions are the building blocks of regeneration
Unlocking change


Our Aims