Creative, Confident Communities

Community driven enterprise and regeneration

Tremayne Hall

When communities have a greater stake in local transport, businesses, housing, and services, they can work better for communities, and generate financial and social returns that stay local.

We believe that supporting stronger, sustainable, connections between people and their local resources can help rebuild and create collaborative, thriving, and green local economies for all.

What we want to achieve

Impact goal

Local economies work better for the people who live there

Long term outcomes
  • Local communities are the driver of transformational change in their local economies.
  • Innovative models of community-led enterprise and shared community assets are tested, grown or shared.
  • Locally owned assets and purchasing power drive positive social, cultural, economic and environmental change.
  • Reinvestment in local economies reduces economic inequality.
  • Community driven regeneration contributes to reducing climate impact and restoring nature.

If you are interested in applying for funding on under this priority, please see our guidance for support.

Unlocking change


Our Aims