Space for Nature

Protecting and creating more space for nature is part of our ambition for preserved and improved species health and habitats in Our Natural World.

Why we're prioritising space for nature


The scale of nature’s decline in the UK cannot be addressed by our existing nature reserves nor without fundamentally changing the way we farm the land. Fortunately, this decline is mirrored by a growing movement for connecting with nature and for finding and creating more wild spaces for nature - enabling natural processes to shape land and sea, repair damaged ecosystems and restore degraded landscapes.

This is a good time to encourage people’s enthusiasm for achieving better land use, and to build the evidence for policy makers. There is a good connection with our work with young people, supporting rural communities, and connecting people with nature.

What we want to achieve

Long-term outcomes
  • Space for nature is restored at scale in the UK
  • More wild spaces for people in the UK - particularly those who have not experienced wild nature - to enjoy near where they live
  • The benefits of investment in different approaches to aiding the recovery of nature, building carbon stores and reducing flood risk are explored

Case studies