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John Muir Trust

John Muir Trust

We supported John Muir Trust to take on the management of Glenridding Common in the Lake District, strengthening its wild character and giving nature a chance to flourish.



To demonstrate it is possible to protect and enhance the ecosystem of this part of the Lake District, while respecting its cultural traditions, including farming practices.

Impact goal

Preserved and improved species and habitats


John Muir Trust, a UK-wide charity based in Scotland, works to defend wild land, enhance habitats and encourage people of all ages and backgrounds to connect with wild places. We supported the Trust to expand its model into Cumbria, at Glenridding Common - an area of exceptional beauty and popular destination for walkers. Glenridding Common is within the Lake District High Fells Special Area of Conservation, and hosts a range of arctic-alpine plants, as well as significant stands of juniper scrub woodland, plus a variety of montane and upland heath, grassland and flush communities.

By supporting this work, we hope to demonstrate the potential for John Muir Trust's approach to land management, which blends extensive experience in managing wild landscapes with working with local communities and interest groups. We are interested in tracking the difference that work like this could make to policy for uplands and wild spaces, and how it can strengthen rural communities.

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