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Rosa: Rise Fund

Hull Sisters, an organisation funded by Rosa

Rosa, the UK Fund for Women and Girls, is a grant-making charity working to strengthen specialist women’s and girls’ organisations across the UK by providing funding and resources. Rosa’s Rise Fund provides organisational development funding for Black and minoritised-led women’s and girls’ organisations across the UK.

I am proud and delighted that Rosa is investing in so many incredible organisations led by and for Black and minoritised women through the Rise Fund. There is a huge need for sustainability funding and Rosa has a proud history of funding women’s and girls’ organisations that otherwise struggle to access funding. Through the Rise Fund, organisations will be in a stronger position to thrive and grow in the future, which is why we will be continuing to seek investment to carry on this vital work.

Lisa Raftery, Rosa Trustee and Chair of the Rise Fund Advisory Panel

Using their experience and learning in providing emergency COVID funding as well as the Women Thrive Fund, Rosa developed the Rise Fund in response to the need for multi-year funding to support specialist Black and minoritised-led women’s organisations. By providing funding for organisational development work, the Rise Fund aims to invest in the future of Black and minoritised-led women’s organisations.

Funders partnering with Rosa on the Rise Fund include Clothworkers Foundation, Tudor Trust, Indigo Trust, Emmanuel Kaye Foundation, City Bridge Trust and Esmée Fairbairn Foundation. The funding is for organisational development work

The design and development of the Fund was led by women who have lived experience of racial injustice. A Critical Friends Group comprised of Black and minoritised women advised on the development of the fund, and funding decisions were made by a Decision Panel of Black and minoritised women with experience of organisational development work in the women’s sector. As well as offering funding, Rosa provides non-financial support for funded organisations, which includes peer support and learning, training and a range of events to bring the Black and minoritised-led women’s sector together.

To date, the Rise Fund awarded grants of up to £40,000 to 35 organisations led by and for Black and minoritised women and girls.

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Connection to Esmée's strategy

Long-term outcomes
  • Organisations working towards racial justice across our strategy, led by people experiencing racial inequity, are financially resilient and socially transformative.

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