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Power The Fight

Power The Fight

Power The Fight tackles violence affecting young people by creating long-term solutions for sustainable change and act as a link between the community and policy makers.

I enjoyed describing the way our actions can make someone feel.... I would like to change the way I do things in life.

Student participant in the TIP programme

Established in 2019, Power The Fight is a Black-led organisation working to improve how local services engage with young people who are impacted by or at risk of youth violence.

They aim to build trust between services and communities by bringing them together through training and new approaches. For instance, their Therapeutic Intervention for Peace (TIP) programme responds to the challenges faced by young people and communities through culturally sensitive support for those who need it most. They actively work with young people and families to co-design support that improves their wellbeing and resilience. TIP also provides training and support for teachers, school staff and parents, aiming to facilitate school culture change that sustains the therapeutic approach through lasting systems and knowledge exchange within the partnership.

As well as working directly with young people and services, Power The Fight also works to influence change more widely. Their work in schools showed how differently Black pupils were treated and the harm that caused, which Power the Fight has used to support local authorities to think differently.

I feel it has been very helpful to simply ‘stop and discuss the what, why and how’ of our role and daily experiences. We work at such a fast pace and do not often have a space to offload thoughts and feelings. I feel that the sessions have been vital for our wellbeing and recognition of the role we are employed to fulfil.

Teacher participant in the TIP programme

Connection to Esmée's strategy

Long-term outcomes
  • Fewer young people, particularly those experiencing racial inequity, in contact with the youth justice system, excluded from school, and entering state care.

Our Therapeutic Intervention for Peace (TIP) model has been in development since 2020 and, after a pilot project in 2021, the TIP project has centred its delivery at two schools and one alternative provision. Over the last year, 78% of young people who participated at one of these schools showed a positive change in their emotional wellbeing between the beginning and end of the programme. We have also trained 493 professionals in addition to those we supported across the three schools. And we’ve trained a number of organisations, from Youth Justice Services, national charities, NHS staff, teachers and local organisations.

Claire Smith, Head of Operations, Power The Fight

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