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Clean Break

Clean Break

We have supported Clean Break since 1999. A women's theatre company, it aims to change lives, and change minds on the subject of women in prison.



Women are being failed by the UK's criminal justice system, and theatre can enable women to challenge their oppression by the system, and make a change for the future.

Impact goal

Everyone can access the benefits of culture and creativity


We think that the current, increasingly poor, situation for women in the criminal justice system needs to change, and that Clean Break can contribute to this change by illuminating the stories and experiences of the women involved in the system.

Clean Break's work provides two strong outcomes. Firstly, through its theatre productions it raises difficult questions, and inspires debate about the experiences and treatment of women in the criminal justice system. Secondly, through its Members programmes it offers support to a new generation of very different artistic voices, most of whom would not be able to access other artistic training courses or opportunities. The number of Members moving into further training and work is strong evidence of Clean Break's skills and experience.

Clean Break is rooted in its community - set up by two women in prison - and produces high quality work which addresses social injustice head on.

[Clean Break] has changed my life; there’s no two ways about that. It has given my life direction, purpose, and reason

Clean Break Member

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