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Agenda Alliance

Agenda Alliance

Agenda Alliance exists to make a difference to the lives of women and girls who are at the sharpest end of inequality.

Agenda Alliance are an alliance of over 100 member organisations – from large, national bodies to smaller, specialist organisations – working in collaboration to influence influence public policy and practice to respond appropriately to women and girls with multiple unmet needs (such as abuse, poverty, poor mental health, addiction, homelessness and contact with the criminal justice system).

As a social movement, they campaign with courage and in solidarity with their Alliance members and women and girls, working to end the cycle of trauma and harm so that all women and girls can thrive.

They want public services to respond better to the distinct and multiple unmet needs of women and girls, including appropriately responding to gender, age, race and trauma. For the whole system to respond better, they stand in solidarity with the voluntary sector and advocate for them to be empowered.

Connection to Esmée's strategy

Long-term outcomes
  • Policy, practice, and the law better meets the needs of women experiencing multiple challenges and discrimination.
  • The negative impacts of the criminal justice system on women and their families are reduced.

Agenda play an important role within the women’s sector. Adding value to its members, amplifying their work, identifying themes and bringing together people and evidence to make the case for change, ultimately influencing policy and practice across a range of sectors.

Laura Lines, Funding Manager and Social Change Lead, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation

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