Leaving Care: grants and learning

LEAP Confronting Conflict

The story so far

We launched our focus on preparing young people to leave care in late 2016. Since then we have made 29 new grants to a range of work across the UK, most of which is still in its early or embryonic stages.

As well as making grants, we are convening, supporting collaboration, and giving grants plus support to organisations in the Leaving Care funding stream, with the ultimate aim of creating greater alignment and coherence in the work of the voluntary sector in ensuring a successful transition to adult life for care leavers.

In practice, this means a Learning Programme which is co-designed by organisations we fund, the insights from which we want to use to engage important decision-makers in the public and voluntary sectors. 

Our approach to learning

We have commissioned Renaisi, working together with Janet Grauberg, to co-design and run a Learning Programme for our Leaving Care funding stream in order to:

  1. Support grant-funded organisations in reflecting on their own learning from their projects, and taking any action that arises, during the life of the project.
  2. Enable grant-funded organisations to learn from each other, for example by sharing approaches to practice, expertise, and introductions to stakeholders.
  3. Draw out collective learning on the three outcomes that have been identified as a priority for the funding stream.
  4. Support the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation in learning about the value of a more focused funding stream, and bringing organisations together for a Learning Programme. 

What are we funding?

As of January 2019, we have made 29 new grants through our Leaving Care funding stream - full list below. 

All grants will appear on our "current grants" page once work is taking place and grant payments have begun.

Aquarius Action Projects  £203,757 Towards a programme of support for young people in care who have experienced parental substance abuse.
Articulate Cultural Trust £90,000 Towards core costs including the salary of the engagement and empowerment co-ordinator to use creativity as a vehicle for supporting care experienced young people and enabling them to engage with and shape practice in the care system.
The Big House Theatre Company £145,245 Towards the salary of the finance and operations director to support an expansion of the organisation’s artistic provision with care experienced young people.
Break £192,986 Towards a programme to improve stability and the support that care leavers receive in Norfolk and Cambridgeshire.
Carefree Fostering Independence Cornwall   £150,000 Towards salaries and other associated cost for work to improve the emotional wellbeing of care leavers in Cornwall.
Community Law Advice Network   £568,340 Towards the salaries of an expert solicitor, project co-ordinator and trainee solicitor, to develop a dedicated care leavers’ legal support service to ensure that young people leaving care obtain the support they need and services to which they are legally entitled.
Coram £300,000 Towards the work of the Coram Centre for Impact, seeking to improve national practice in children's social care.
Curious Monkey £120,000 Towards the core costs of Troupe, a theatre-based project providing opportunities for care experienced young people to gain life skills, create healthy relationships and use their lived experiences to influence change.
Derby Theatre   £168,596 Towards the further development of the Plus One arts partnership which works with and for children in care and care leavers in Derbyshire.
Drive Forward Foundation £360,000 Towards the core costs of an organisation that works to support care leavers into sustained employment.
Element £50,400 Towards the salaries of the chief executive and project coordinator, to support care leavers’ creativity and improve their networks.
Family Rights Group  £499,895 Towards salary and associated project costs to pilot a new service for developing life-long, supportive networks for children and young people who are care experienced.

Grandparents Plus

£180,000 Towards unrestricted core costs to transform children and young people’s experience of kinship care.
Greater Manchester Youth Network  £150,000 Towards the costs of a programme co-designed with care experienced young people in Salford, which aims to reduce social isolation, build informal relationships and support transition to adulthood through supported volunteering opportunities.
Howard League for Penal Reform £106,100 Towards project costs to end the criminalisation of children in residential care and embed lasting system change.
Include Youth £200,000 Towards core costs for transitional employment support, ensuring more care experienced young people sustain employment and can use their experiences to influence mainstream programmes.
Just for Kids Law  £168,700 Towards the salary of a leaving care advocate and associated project costs to ensure young people leaving care obtain the support they need and are legally entitled to.
Leap Confronting Conflict   £188,845 Towards a programme to improve relationships between looked after children, their carers and others around them, empowering them to manage conflict before it becomes destructive.
Leicestershire Cares  £114,458 Towards a social action programme, supporting looked after children and care leavers to be empowered to use their voice and act on key issues in their lives.
National Network for the Education of Care Leavers £148,000 Towards core costs of an organisation seeking to improve the progression of care experienced young people into and through further and higher education.
PhotoVoice £166,395 Towards the costs of a participatory photography project, enabling young people to share their experiences to influence the design of services.
Social Finance Ltd  £1,000,000 Towards a programme to improve leaving care practice in local authorities through better use of data.
St Christopher's Fellowship   £157,932 Towards work to improve transition experiences and outcomes for young people leaving residential care.
Staf (Scottish Throughcare and Aftercare Forum) £92,835 Towards project costs to support the development of a benchmarking tool for relationship based practice with care leavers.
Voice £250,000 Towards the next phase of the New Belongings project, supporting local authorities to adapt services on the basis of feedback from care leavers.
Voice of Young People in Care £149,893 Towards costs associated with developing a training programme, co-designed with and delivered by people who have left care, for agencies supporting them, to reduce the barriers and inequalities faced by children in care and people leaving it.
Voices from Care   £200,000 Towards the salary of a co-ordinator, evaluation and other project costs to increase young people’s access to a service that enables them to stay with foster carers longer and to improve it.
Who Cares? Scotland £195,000 Towards unrestricted core costs to support the organisation to deliver transformational change for care experienced young people.