Young People Leaving Care funding: Insights from our Learning Programme

Leicestershire Cares

As part of our support for organisations we fund through our Young People Leaving Care funding, we commissioned a Learning Programme to facilitate learning, collaboration and alliances between the funded organisations, and with Esmée ourselves. This Insights report outlines our approach and what we've learned so far.

Esmée's Young People Leaving Care funding supports voluntary sector organisations who are working to support care leavers and improve the care system in the UK. Co-designed by organisations we fund, the Learning Programme is run by our Learning Partners, Janet Grauberg and Louisa Thomson.

This report shares background to our Young People Leaving Care funding, as well as exploring:

  • What the Learning Programme entails, and how it has evolved since it began.
  • What difference the Learning Programme makes for participants.
  • What we have learnt so far about working in this way.

By sharing our learning, we hope others who are thinking about a similar process will find it useful.

We have had the privilege of working as the facilitators of the Learning Programme for four years. During this time, we’ve gone from the first steps co-designing the Programme to where we are now – with organisations sharing their learning within and beyond the programme, and working together in ways that they might not have imagined at the outset. It’s a very different style of support from other programmes and we’ve reflected on this throughout this paper. We’d like to thank all the organisations taking part in the Learning Programme for their commitment and dedication.

Janet Grauberg and Louisa Thomson

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