Webinar: Effective partnership working with Take Note

Take Note © Kirkley Creates, Nick Ilott

Watch a webinar we hosted with Take Note exploring a series of practical tools and approaches they've developed to support more equitable and impactful partnership work.

At Esmée, we think working in partnership is key for achieving impact and long term change, but know that working with others can often come with challenges. That's why over the coming months, we'll be sharing what we've learnt from our funding about partnership working and collaboration, along with key recommendations for funders and other stakeholders.

As part of this work, we hosted a webinar with Marianna Hay and Emily Webb from Take Note, introducing their free collaboration tools for supporting partnership work, and the thinking behind them. In the webinar, Take Note were joined by Tyler Atwood and Michelle Lee from Your Next Move, who discussed their experience of working in partnership and using the tools, and Alison Holdom, one of Esmée's Funding Manager Leads, who shared our reflections on Take Note's recommendations for funders. We also answered questions from attendees.

Outline of the webinar

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  • 00:00:18 Welcome, introductions and housekeeping
  • 00:05:20 About Take Note, overview of their approach, and key tools
  • 00:23:48 Your Next Move case-study
  • 00:33:15 Take Note's recommendations for funders and reflections from Alison
  • 00:42:49 Summary and final thoughts
  • 00:48:02 Q&A

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