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StopWatch is a coalition of legal experts, academics, citizens and civil liberties campaigners. It aims to address excess and disproportionate stop and search, and ensure fair, effective policing for all.

StopWatch is unique. There is no other organisation working exclusively on the issue of stop and search and none which can draw on such a wide range of individuals' experiences and perspectives. It is the go-to organisation on stop and search, and has strong links with politicians in both parties, civil servants and police forces. Considering its size, StopWatch has had significant impact which can be attributed to its effective evidence-based advocacy and its collective way of working through its members.

Now is a crucial time for this work. The threat of rising violent crime leading to calls for greater use of stop and search, despite research showing that stop and search has little, if any, measurable impact on knife crime and serious violence, is mirrored by the opportunity of the Black Lives Matter movement shining new light on unequal policing practice.

Connection to Esmée's strategy

Long-term outcomes:
  • Disproportionate harm caused by racial injustice in systems, policy and practice is reduced.

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