A Fairer Future: October 2020 to January 2022

Removing barriers to creative careers

Clore Leadership

Please note that we updated our strategy for A Fairer Future in July 2022. Read our blog about the changes and the new priorities.

The information on this page refers to our priorities in our original strategy for A Fairer Future.

We want to support those building a cultural sector that reflects our society, with open access for those who are currently missing out or facing significant barriers.

A more representative, inclusive workforce could influence policy and practice to ensure more fulfilling engagement with high quality culture and creativity for everyone.

What we want to achieve

Impact goal

A new inclusive generation of leaders and artists

Long term outcomes
  • An inclusive generation of leadership tackles challenges in the sector
  • The workforce represents the wider community, so that the widest range of stories are told and diverse ideas and perspectives flourish
  • Freelance artists are able to sustain and develop their careers during the period of COVID-19 recovery and beyond