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Just for Kids Law

Just for Kids Law

Just for Kids Law works with and for young people to ensure their legal rights are respected and promoted, and their voices are heard and valued.

Just for Kids Law recognises that good quality legal representation alone isn’t enough to address the complex issues in the lives of children experiencing the legal system. They use direct legal and advocacy case work – supported by their strong partnerships across the sector – to feed into their strategic litigation, policy and influencing work. As a result, Just for Kids Law is able to act quickly to create change on issues impacting young people.

At the heart of Just for Kids Law’s approach is the involvement of young people in their work through development opportunities and youth leadership. For instance, they have a Youth Ambassadors programme comprising current and former clients, who play a significant role in both policy-influencing and in the overall direction of the organisation through representation on its Board.

Connection to Esmée's strategy

Long-term outcomes
  • Children’s rights are better met, with specialist legal support and better protection for marginalised groups.

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