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Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants

Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants

Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI) is a national charity that promotes justice, fairness, and the elimination of discrimination in legislation and policy on immigration, citizenship, and asylum.

JCWI supports migrants and refugees to navigate the immigration system, and to influence policy and practice to ensure it is fair and just. They provide strategic advice and casework, direct legal representation to migrants and refugees, as well as training and supporting legal professionals to enhance the quality of legal advice available to migrants and refugees.

They have an impressive track record in challenging and influencing policy. For instance, using their research, they were able to challenge the Government’s Right to Rent scheme, and Minimum Income Requirement for partners or spouses. JCWI also played an important role in breaking the story of the Windrush Scandal and uncovering the scale of the issue.

Connection to Esmée's strategy

Long-term outcomes
  • Migrants have improved access to legal help to exercise their rights.
  • Legislation and support ensure that migrants' rights are protected, and reflects their needs.
  • Public understanding and discussion of migration issues is better informed, particularly by those with lived experience of the migration system.

The Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants do important work challenging prevailing narratives on migration in an increasingly trying context, whilst using strategic litigation and policy expertise to push towards a fairer immigration system.

Genevieve Ford-Saville, Funding Officer, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation

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