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Girl Dreamer

GirlDreamer is a non-profit organisation that supports the personal, professional and communal development of young women of colour to tackle social inequality and pursue their dreams.

Will it sound cliche if I say it feels like a warm embrace? Well even if it does, I mean it. GirlDreamer has been a safe and comfortable space to learn, grow and be mesmerised by fellow community members. It's inspiring and the sense of community and growth is unparalleled. You feel like you're allowed to be yourself without any judgment or shame, and I love that about this space, it lets you thrive. If you ever want to be part of a tribe, this is the one!


Founded in 2016, GirlDreamer is led by young women of colour. They have also established an Advisory Board of women of colour who advise and shape their work. They support young women of colour navigate their personal and professional paths, and the systems around them. They also engage and partner with the charities and the private sector to help them to create more inclusive pathways.

Through years of working with women of colour as well as their own experience, they have developed a deep understanding of the barriers that affect engagement, recruitment and retention of young women of colour on charity boards and in private sector industries. As a result, they are well-placed to shape policy and practice.

GirlDreamer utilises our lived experience as a team and as a community to navigate the spaces we want and should be occupying by creating more accessible pathways to get there. Our work covers a broad spectrum because it reflects the journey and reality many women of colour face on our paths to achieve our personal and professional goals and when tackling the social issues that we, and many other underrepresented groups face. Our ability to create impact stems from our connection to our community and their continued engagement at every stage of our work.

Kiran Kaur, CEO, GirlDreamer

Connection to Esmée's strategy

Long-term outcomes
  • Racial inequity in leadership is challenged and changed.

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