A Fairer Future

Cultural education

Sistema Scotland

PLEASE NOTE: We are making some key changes to our strategy in one of our aims, A Fairer Future. Because of this we will temporarily close to new applications in funding priorities for A Fairer Future until Autumn 2022, when we will share our revised strategy.

Cultural education - in a classroom or through access to arts and culture - can contribute to all aspects of a child’s development, particularly supporting creativity, critical thinking, empathy, and resilience.

The arts equip children and young people with skills that will be increasingly important in future careers. Despite this, access to arts and culture is not distributed equally across the UK or in education settings. By supporting cultural organisations to work together with educators and artists, we will protect the right to high quality creative experiences for every child in school and in the community.

What we want to achieve

Impact goal

A new inclusive generation of leaders and artists

Long-term outcomes
  • Creativity is a key part of every child’s education
  • High-quality cultural education is accessible to all and online delivery is supported to reach beyond the digital divide

Applications for this priority are by invitation only.