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Beatfreeks is growing a community of young creatives that it nurtures, and connects to business, government and funders so that young people can influence how the world works



Young people have a lot to say, but need a space to say it. If businesses don’t find ways to bring young diverse people into their decision making, they won't have a business in future!

Impact goal

Injustice and structural inequality is challenged and changed


Beatfreeks are reaching young people who do not normally have their voice heard and giving them a platform to influence decision makers. Their pioneering work around ‘artivism’ has been led by young people’s desire to comment on the world and their place within it and to have the appropriate training and support to undertake this work.

Although firmly rooted in Birmingham, Beatfreeks' ability to engage a wide range of young people in creative work has led to partnerships with national organisations, and their young people-centred approach to research and campaigning has the potential to influence many others.

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  • Advocacy Academy

    A Fairer Future

    We want to contribute to a just and anti-racist society, where those who need it most have their rights protected, the opportunity to speak and be heard, and the freedom to express their creativity.

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  • Football Beyond Borders-Girls-wide.jpg

    Empowering young leaders

    Information about a previous priority in an earlier version of our strategy for A Fairer Future (October 2020-January 2022).

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  • Zoielogic Dance Theatre

    Our funding data

    We publish all our grants and social investments on 360Giving, an initiative that aims to help UK funders share their data in an open and standard format online.

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