A Fairer Future

Acting early on the root causes of problems


PLEASE NOTE: We are making some key changes to our strategy in one of our aims, A Fairer Future. Because of this we will temporarily close to new applications in funding priorities for A Fairer Future until Autumn 2022, when we will share our revised strategy.

We want to see more action taking place to prevent problems from occurring, not just to cope with the consequences.

In particular, getting early support to children is vital, whether that is in the first years of life, at key transition points or to counter the negative impact of trauma that can reverberate through lives.

What we want to achieve

Impact goal

Injustice and structural inequality is challenged and changed

Long-term outcomes for children and young people
  • Many more young children facing disadvantage are able to get quality support in the early years
  • Early support for teenagers facing challenges before they reach crisis point (challenges like exploitation, early trauma and/or problems with police, family, school)
Long-term outcomes for everyone
  • There is a shift in the way people and organisations configure or deliver their services towards an earlier or preventative stage
  • The root causes that contribute to cycles of disadvantage are identified, challenged, and changed

If you are interested in applying for funding on under this priority, please see our guidance for support.

Unlocking change