The RACE Report: Esmée’s progress

The second annual RACE (Racial Action for the Climate Emergency) Report shared its latest findings on the diversity of the environment sector. They also shared Transparency Cards for each participating organisation. Here, we share more about Esmée's Transparency Card.

A joint initiative led by SOS-UK, the RACE Report supports transparency on the racial diversity of environment organisations and funders. By doing so, it is designed to be a catalyst for action to improve diversity, equity and inclusion in the sector.

We’re pleased to support the RACE Report and share our data alongside over 140 other organisations working in the environment sector. We particularly welcome the increase in organisations taking part in the initiative, with the second report reflecting a 50% increase in organisation participation (from 91 organisations in 2022) and a 52% increase in the number of employees represented.

As well as sharing overall diversity data of the sector, the RACE Report shared findings from a new biannual Staff Perceptions Survey to uncover experiences of diversity and inclusion. They also provided each participating organisation with an individual Transparency Card to reflect the organisation's diversity data along with progress on key areas including strategy, governance and HR.

Whilst the overall findings remain stark – with 6% of employees identifying as people of colour and other racially or ethnically minoritised groups, the report and Transparency Cards provide the sector with clear recommendations for action.

Esmée’s transparency card

The Transparency Card includes diversity data of staff and Trustees at Esmée - covering race and ethnicity, gender and age. It also shares progress on 38 recommendations for improving diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) within Esmée.

  • Of those, we have fully implemented 26% of the recommended actions, which include publishing a public statement about our commitment to tackling racism, reporting on diversity, equity and inclusion in our annual report, and a regular review of DEI activities.
  • 18% of the recommended actions are in progress at Esmée. These include a requirement as a funder for organisations we fund to tackle racial injustice within their organisation, and for environment organisations we fund to publish race diversity data.
  • 37% of the recommended actions are not currently planned, and we need to look into 16% of the actions further.

We have also published a separate blog with the diversity data of our Trustees and staff in 2023, which covers a broader range of categories including disability and socioeconomic background, as well as reporting Esmée's pay gap data. At the time of submitting data to the Transparency Card, sharing our pay gap data was in progress.

To learn more about our DEI commitments and actions taken so far, visit our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion page.

Our next steps

The Report and Transparency Card highlight clear and specific actions we can consider, and we will be discussing these with staff and Trustees to help us identify which are relevant, and how best to prioritise these.

We will also be shortly sharing more information about actions we are taking in response to the RACE Report, DEI data we have been gathering about us and our funding, and a report we commissioned last year to review existing and planned initiatives to address the lack of diversity in the environment sector.

We’re grateful to everyone involved with the RACE Report and to all the organisations who have participated, showing a commitment not just to be transparent but also to take action.

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