Pre-application Q&A webinar: 27 September 2023

We hosted a pre-application Q&A webinar on 27 September for organisations interested in applying to Esmée for support who have questions about our application process or guidance.

We want to do more to save organisations from spending precious time applying to us when it is unlikely we will fund their work. We hope these webinars help organisations to better understand whether they should invest time in applying to us or if their efforts might be better focused on other sources of funding.

Below, you can watch the presentation from Esmée staff who share more about our application process along with what we’re looking for and what we consider when making decisions. Please note this doesn't include the Q&A portion of the webinar. However, you can find a link to the audio recording of the full webinar below, along with links to the presentation slides, full transcript, and additional questions that we gave written answers to.

If you have any questions about this webinar or need any support accessing the information, please email

We plan to hold these Q&A webinars on a regular basis. So, if you would like to attend a future webinar, check our website or sign up to our newsletter to learn about future dates.

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