People make change

Watch our webinar, People Make Change, where we heard from a panel of experts on harnessing the power of people's experiences to bring about a fairer future. 

To bring about a fairer future, we believe people most affected by the issues should have a role in how to improve them. In our People make change webinar, we heard from five experts on how we can bring the voices, perspectives and experiences of people facing injustice and inequality into the decision-making process.

This webinar is part of our 'Unlocking change' series of webinars to launch our new strategy. We'll also be hosting a webinar to explore our aims for Creative, Confident Communities and Our Natural World. Find more details here.

The event took place on 4 November 2020. Download the transcript.

Speakers and timings:

The event was facilitated by Hannah Lim, a Funding Manager at Esmée and our Social Change Lead. We also heard from Caroline Mason, our CEO, who talked about our new strategy.

As well as answering questions (00:52:10) from attendees, our panel also shared a key piece of advice on bringing the voices of those most affected by the issues into the decision-making process.

Join the conversation on Twitter: #PeopleMakeChange.

We also followed the webinar with a Q&A on Twitter (see @EsmeeFairbairn on 4 November at 2pm) for questions we didn't get to about our strategy.