Invitation to Tender: Equity in funding practice

Entelechy Arts

We are looking to work with a researcher to deliver a report analysing UK funding through the DEI Data Standard.

Updated: Please note we have changed the deadline for proposals to 5pm on 12 April.

The foundation sector continues to struggle with issues related to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI); and there is still much unknown about the funding landscape from a DEI perspective. To date there has been no quantitative intersectional analysis of the UK funding landscape.

Together with City Bridge Foundation, The Henry Smith Charity, and Paul Hamlyn Foundation, we are commissioning research to understand the diversity of organisations being funded. The research will encompass quantitative and qualitative analysis with funders and funded organisations for the following:

  1. To use the collected DEI Data to analyse the equitability of the UK funding landscape from an intersectional perspective.
  2. To understand whether funding practices negatively or positively impact equitable funding.
  3. To understand perceptions of funders and funded organisations in relation to equitability of funding in the UK.
  4. To find out whether the DEI Data Standard has impacted funder practice.

We anticipate that this piece of work will take approximately 50 full days to complete, and we would like the work to be concluded by the end of September 2024.

In addition to the budget for the work, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation will pay costs for grant recipient organisations asked to contribute their time in interviews.

The total maximum budget for this piece of work is £35,000 (including all costs and any VAT payments).

What we are looking for in a consultant

  • Experience of delivering quantitative and qualitative research
  • Knowledge and understanding about equity and funding practices
  • Ability to clearly communicate key findings to interested stakeholders and audiences

Sending in your proposal

If you're interested in tendering for this work, please:

The closing date for proposals is: 5pm on 12 April 2024. If you have questions about this brief or would like to discuss it, please send an email to


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