Insights in Brief: Social Investment and COVID-19

A new report sharing what we've learned from our social investments in light of Coronavirus, and how we could use this to inform the stages of rescue, recovery and revival.

As part of our response to coronavirus, at the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation we are committed to sharing our learning as well as our actions. Ben Smith, our Head of Social Investment, has written a short report to share what we’ve witnessed so far from our social investment portfolio in light of COVID-19, what we might be able to learn and how we - and perhaps others in the sector - could use this to inform our social investing.

This 5-page report covers how COVID-19 is affecting our investments, and then takes readers through the rescue, recovery and revival stages as we anticipate them.


The need for patient capital

In case you missed it, Esmée funded Shift to work together with CAF Venturesome and UnLtd to produce a report on patient capital in the social sector, which was published on 3 June 2020. The report investigates whether, in the social sector, the need for patient, risk-bearing capital is much greater than current demand. 

Read the report on Shift's website