Briefing for A Fairer Future Q&A webinars

Graeae Theatre Company

We're hosting Q&A webinars on our new priorities for our A Fairer Future strategy. Find information on how to access them and submit questions.

At each webinar, you'll hear from Veda, our Director of A Fairer Future and Creative, Confident Communities, who will share more about our thinking behind the new strategy and our approach. You'll also hear from other members of the team who will talk through the relevant priorities for that webinar. But we're aiming to spend at least half the time answering questions from attendees. You can find out more about the process for that below.

Dates and times for the Q&A webinars

3 November, 11.00am-12.30pm Racial, Gender and Migrant justice

You can watch our previous Q&A webinars at the links below:

Accessing the webinars

  • We will be using Zoom to host the webinars. See guidance on joining and participating in a Zoom webinar.
  • If you are attending live, please note that after registering, you should receive a link to join the webinar with an email from 'Esmée Fairbairn', which Zoom sends out. If you can't find it, contact, or just register again. We are expecting a lot of people and we recommend joining the webinar a few minutes before it starts so that we can get started quickly.
  • All the webinars will be recorded.
  • If you would like to attend any of the webinars live, please register by clicking on the relevant webinar above.
  • The webinars will be live captioned using Otter ai. We will share the link that you need to access the live captions at the beginning of the webinar.
  • We will also have a BSL interpreter on screen who will interpret what is being spoken live.
  • If you have additional or other access needs, please email

Information about our strategy, guidance for support, and presentations

  • See our updated guidance for support, which includes more detail on what we’re looking for in our priorities for A Fairer Future, as well as outlining our application process.
  • We will share links to the presentations at the beginning of the webinar, but they will also be up on screen. They will cover the relevant sections of the guidance.
  • We have shared a number of stories highlighting the work of organisations we support, which offer examples of what we’re trying to achieve through our strategy. You can find these under the relevant priority on our website.

Questions during the webinar

  • We will be using the Q&A facility, which you can use to add your questions. You will be able to see all questions, as well as ‘upvote’ questions you’d like answered. You will also be able to see questions that have been answered.
  • If you’d like to submit a question in advance, please email
  • The panel will answer questions live. But so that we can answer as many questions as possible, members of the team will also be typing responses in the Q&A facility.
  • For any questions we are not able to answer during the webinar, we will do our best to answer them afterwards and share them along with the recordings and transcripts.
  • Please note that everyone will be able to see questions added – so please do not share personal information or information sensitive about your organisation.
  • We will also try to prioritise questions we think may be relevant to more people.

Sending messages to the panel and giving feedback

  • Please note that the Chat facility will be disabled for attendees. This is so we can manage questions better and avoid missing questions that might have been shared in the Chat. We will, however, use the Chat to share information. If you would like to send us a message, please email us at
  • We will share a link to a very short feedback survey at the end of each webinar, where you can provide feedback.