TASK Fund: Trustee Areas of Specialist Knowledge

Each Trustee at Esmée Fairbairn Foundation has an annual TASK budget of £90,000 to be used for donations within the charitable purposes of the Foundation at the individual Trustee’s discretion.

TASK donations may sit outside our current funding priorities. As donations, they are not managed in the same way as Esmée’s main grant funding.

TASK Fund at a glance

  • The maximum size of a single donation by an individual Trustee is £20,000 and must be used for work that is legally charitable. The Charities Act 2006 defines this as work that falls within one of 13 descriptions of purposes and is for the public benefit. See the Government's guidance for charitable purposes.
  • A Trustee cannot make more than one donation to the same organisation within a given year.
  • Esmée’s Conflict of Interest policy applies to all funding awarded including TASK donations and other additional grants agreed by the Trustee Board.

Please note: the TASK Fund is closed to applications. Funding awarded through the TASK Fund is published on 360Giving and shared in our Annual Report. You can also see a list of recent TASK donations made below.

See our funding data to learn more about our main grants and how to search them.

The Trustee Board may, by exception, agree other additional grants outside of our funding priorities.