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We take an impact-first approach to social investment. We start with the social or environmental need and tailor the investment: adapting and selecting financial instruments that are the most appropriate.

As well as making direct investments into organisations seeking to create impact towards our aims, we also invest into impact funds, which are managed by other social investors.

Learn more about out approach to social investment.

What we invest


We offer social investments of £100,000 to £2,000,000.

Types of investment

Our impact-first approach means we offer complete flexibility to tailor existing products, create a bespoke instrument, or use multiple products in combination.

Types of organisations we invest in

We invest in organisations that have charitable aims and mission. We also support more commercially based activities where it is clear that the organisation's primary purpose is social impact.

Social investment priorities

Information about social investment opportunities we have identified. We also welcome ideas and opportunities for social investment across our aims.

Apply for funding

Learn about how to apply for funding and submit and expression of interest.


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