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Nature North

Your feedback is really important to us. It helps us to understand the changes we need to make to improve our support and ensure our processes meet the needs of the people and organisations we work with.

There are several ways you can give us feedback.

Complete a feedback survey on our application process

We ask all applicants and organisations we fund to complete a short anonymous survey and rate us on clarity, consistency and openness; along with sharing one thing they would change about our application process. We also ask those we fund to tell us one thing we could do to support them more effectively. The survey is quick to fill in, and completely anonymous.

Review us on GrantAdvisor

GrantAdvisor UK is a website that allows grantseekers to share their first-hand experiences of working with funders. You can leave an anonymous review for Esmée (or any other UK funder), read other people’s reviews, and what funders had to say in response.

Learning conversations

When we have end-of-grant learning conversations with organisations we fund, we ask how they found working with us and what we could do differently in future to support organisations we work with.

Email us

You can always email us your comments or suggestions: communications@esmeefairbairn.org.uk, and a member of our team will get back to you.

Other ways we collect feedback

We commissioned nfpResearch to find out about people’s experiences of working with us and have taken a number of actions to respond to the feedback and recommendations we received. We will be carrying out this research again at the end of 2023/24.

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to share their thoughts with us.

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