Example outcomes and indicators

Little Ouse Headwaters Project (LOHP)

Below, we offer some examples of outcomes and indicators to help applicants with their proposal for our support.

Creative, confident communities

Impact goal Example outcome Example indicators
Communities take an active role in decisions that affect them. The next generation of cultural leaders equipped with the confidence and skills to lead societal change through arts and culture. Improvement in skills and competences of participants.

Progression of 15 emerging leaders to career development programmes.
Everyone can access the benefits of culture and creativity. The arts sector is better equipped to work with disabled artists and audiences. A minimum of five partner organisations per year deliver disability-specific programmes and events.

30 paid opportunities for disabled artists created.

A fairer future

Impact goal Example outcome Example indicators
A new inclusive generation of leaders and artists. More young leaders develop their skills, confidence and networks. 100 more young people supported through the leadership programme.

15 young people a year supported to create their own campaigns, projects and businesses.
Injustice and structural inequality is challenged and changed. Improved educational progress and attainment of children at risk of exclusion delivered through early intervention programmes. 120 pupils at risk of exclusion supported to sustain their involvement in education.

60% pupils at risk worked with prevented from being excluded.

Our natural world

Impact goal Example outcome Example indicators
Sustainable and ethical food. The most harmful hormone disrupting chemicals are phased out of farming and food packaging. 3 chemicals that are currently used extensively are no longer used in consumer products.
Preserved and improved species health and habitats. There is a better understanding by Government, decision makers and the general public on the importance of peatlands. One high profile site event per year demonstrating the link between climate change and peat to key audiences.

The value of peatlands is recognised in relevant policy.

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