A Fairer Future

Tackling injustice

Platform Justice

A just and inclusive society benefits us all. We seek to support those who are most likely to have their rights denied due to race, gender, disability, or immigration status.

We want people’s voices to be heard, to shine new light on areas of need, and to change the cultures, systems and behaviours that stand in the way of fairness.

What we want to achieve

Impact goal

Injustice and structural inequality is challenged and changed

Long-term outcomes
  • Legislation, policy, and practice better reflect the needs of those most likely to have their rights denied
  • Those holding power are held to account
  • Complex or hidden issues are better understood and acted upon
  • Individuals with experience of being let down by the system have a direct impact on changing it
  • Leaders with lived experience are valued and treated as essential to achieving social justice
Unlocking change


Our Aims