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Company Three

Company Three (Image credit: Tom Harrison)

Company Three is a youth theatre company based in Islington, making transformative theatre through long-term collaboration between young people and professional theatre-makers.

Everyone has a story and all of our stories are to be heard. It shows that we're forces to be reckoned with and that we're underestimated… We still have a lot more to say.

Company Three Member

Company Three is led by the ideas of their 75 members who live locally and are aged 11-19. They make plays which their members can express themselves and the change they want to make, for audiences of people who have the most influence over their lives.

Company Three shares their model of theatre co-creation as well as their plays globally so that they can be used and adapted by organisations and artists working with young people across the world.

We want to be bold in focusing on our vision for teenagers to tell their own stories and make their own change. We share our learning from working intensively with our members in Islington to support young people across the UK to co-create and perform their work to those who have the most influence over their lives.

Becky Martin, Executive Director, Company Three

Connection to Esmée's strategy

Long-term outcomes
  • Youth-led culture and creativity enhances young people’s lives, and enables them to influence change in their communities or wider society.

Through its focused work with 75 young people in London, Company Three has built a model for youth-led culture and an open sharing attitude, which is having an impact across the UK and worldwide. It has a questioning, accessible approach to its work, which is reflected in what it has achieved and how it moves forward.

Alison Holdom, Funding Manager and Arts and Culture Lead, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation

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