Webinar: Q&A on Reinvent Performing Arts funding

Curious Monkey

We hosted a Q&A webinar for everyone invited to submit a request for Reinvent Performing Arts funding. Watch it below. You can also find answers to some of the questions we weren't able to get to during the webinar.

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In this webinar, you'll hear from John Mulligan, Director of Creative, Confident Communities, and Alison Holdom, Funding Manager and Arts and Heritage Lead. They'll share some background to the Reinvent Performing Arts funding before answering questions.

The event took place on 4 May 2021. Live captioning and the transcript were provided by Ai Media.

More Q&A

Below, you'll find answers to some of the questions we didn't manage to get to during the webinar.

Will delivery against our existing grant with Esmée be taken into consideration as part of decision-making?

No, this funding is additional, so that will not be part of decision-making. The criteria for this fund will be the most important part of the decision-making.

As a multi-artform venue, will applications for visual arts based work within our programme be considered?

We will prioritise performing arts work, but we are able to fund core costs for multi-artform venues providing the application meets the other criteria.

We received a grant from your Racialised Communities Top-Up Fund. Would that make us less of a priority for this fund?

No, this fund is additional. So, if you have received Racialised Communties Top-Up Fund support, you are eligible to apply to this fund.

We've built up our social media presence alongside digital performance work. Can this be included within the fund?

If it is key to your digital performance work and you can explain that in the application, then that would be fine.

Do we need to have confirmation of all venues where the work will be presented? Or can we put forward work, where we are still negotiating presentation dates with venues?

No, we will not expect you to have all venues confirmed. We appreciate that this may be difficult at this point and you may have to be flexible going forward.

Our application form doesn’t ask for the budget total, it only asks for the request amount? Is that correct?

The most helpful information is the total cost of the work and other funding you have towards it.

Can I just check your on your answers re the budget, you do not need expenditure detail, is that correct? But you will want information about funds we have received to our core programme - is that in the application or do you require that later?

Yes, that is correct, we do not need details of the expenditure. It is helpful to have the total cost of the work and details of other funding you have towards the work, so that we can see the likelihood of the work being fully funded.

Could we use the money to engage a freelancer on a longer term contract than we would otherwise be able to afford, e.g. an in-house producer for one year (instead of the three months they're focusing on an individual project)?

If that will make a significant difference to your work, builds on learning from the pandemic and could have a long-term impact, then that would be fine. But remember, we are interested in what will result and how it meets the three criteria on which applications will be prioritised.

Regarding paying freelancers to be on a salary, do you still need to see how that becomes audience facing?

Yes, we will need to understand how having freelancers on salary impacts your audience facing work and how that meets the criteria of the fund.