What does social investment look like?

Social investment legacy

In 2014 we made a £2m social investment, one of our largest land purchases to date, to help Woodland Trust purchase part of Smithills, a 690 hectare site on the edge of Bolton. The site is where planting for a new Northern Forest will start in Spring.

Our Land Purchase Fund has been described as an innovative green funding model in the government's recently announced 25 Year Environment Plan (p142). 

A new forest for the North

The government has pledged £5.7m to kickstart the creation of a northern forest that will stretch from Liverpool to Hull. Over the next 25 years the Woodland Trust and Community Forest Trust are aiming to plant more than 50 million trees from Liverpool to Hull - the first project of its kind for more than a quarter of a century.

The creation of the forest will deliver major environmental, social and economic benefits for the north of England. It is expected to generate £2 billion for the economy through tourism, by boosting rural business and generating jobs.

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We provide social investment in a range of different forms to charities, social enterprises and other not-for-profit organisations aiming to achieve social impact. See the social investment page for more information.

The  Land Purchase Fund is not an open application fund. We can only consider applications from pre-approved partner organisations.