Want to know more about our food systems?


Today nearly 800 million people go hungry while twice this amount are overweight.

In 2008, Esmée Fairbairn began funding alternative ways of producing and consuming higher quality food in ways that are better for people and the environment.  As part of this, we support initiatives that raise awareness and improve people’s understanding of the place that food plays in our lives to encourage behaviour change.

In 2014, we funded the Food System Academy, an open education resource for sharing knowledge and increase the public’s understanding of our food system. You can watch, read, and listen to a series open access online talks here.

Food Systems Academy
Food Systems Academy

Set up for use by those teaching some aspect of food and farming – but open to anyone to watch, the talks aim to provide an overview of the complex and multidisciplinary nature of food systems.

Topics covered include biology for peace, business lobbying, farming, feeding cities, food regimes, gender, food and human security, future control of food, intellectual property, nutrition, poverty, public health, seeds, sustainable diets, right to food, thriving people, and transforming food systems.

These resources aims to illuminate the opportunities to deal with these issues, but also to help the public understand the challenges we face as human societies dealing with unjust histories, contemporary inequality, climate change, and other issues like competition over resources.

We hope you’ll enjoy watching, listening and reading the work put together by food system analysts, food consultants, health nutritionists, researchers in agriculture and other sector experts.

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