The Listening Fund

What is The Listening Fund?

The Listening Fund supports youth-focussed organisations in England and Scotland to better listen to young people facing significant barriers, enabling their voice to create responses to their needs, and empower young people to be the agents of change.

With a pooled fund of £900,000, from Comic Relief, The National Lottery Community Fund and us being managed by The Blagrave Trust, collectively they fund services that promote creative mechanisms – from new technology and research, to board positions for young people - to make sure young people’s voices are heard.

 For more information on The Listening Fund please visit the website.

A hero's Journey
A hero's Journey

Case Study- Spark Inside

Spark Inside is one of 22 organisations, they deliver a prison coaching services that encourage rehabilitation and contribute towards a reduction in violence and reoffending. Spark Inside have undertaken a feasibility study, consulting with prisoners and the prison authorities on how their listening work should develop. Based on the results, Spark Inside are now ready to launch a pilot programme to develop in-prison advisory councils with wing representatives.

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When you feel like no one is listening to you and no one cares you start to resent the world, but the Spark Inside coaches made me feel heard and understood and helped me see the world in a different light. I’ve left prison for the last time and I’m not going back.

Participant of the Hero’s Journey, Spark Inside, a partner of The Listening Fund