The Lawnmowers

Amount Given:

£74,298 over three years (grant made in 2014)


Art with a social impact



Marette Kroonenberg,

Grants and Administration Manager, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation

The Lawnmowers is a theatre company run by and for people with learning difficulties. We were taken by its commitment to include members in the running of the organisation and felt a grant from us would be timely as the organisation is going through a period of change. It is working to develop its offer; opening up to more people and to mainstream its work.  The work matches our priority of art with a social impact as Lawnmowers increases engagement of people with learning difficulties in the arts and challenges the perceptions of the general public about what people with learning difficulties can achieve.

Geraldine Ling MBE,

Artistic Director at The Lawnmowers Theatre Company


With Esmée Fairbairn providing resource to backfill vital office functions, significant time has been freed up for more strategic development. There has been increased time spent on future planning for our work and consolidating our networks. We have been able to create comprehensive, accessible ways to develop our finance and funding strategies. 

Andrew McLeod,

Company Member


I’ve been a member of Lawnmowers for 10 years now. I have been part of lots of projects and one of my favourites is the Krocodile Klub where we learn how to DJ and VJ and run nightclubs, using programmes -TRAKTOR and Touchviz. We remix songs and make our own DJ mixes, which we now upload to Mixcloud for the world to hear.

I also enjoy Theatre for Change as we look at important issues in our lives and ways in which we can make them better by changing people’s attitudes. We often use Forum Theatre where we basically take a bad story and change it into a good one.

One of the biggest projects we did was Boomba Down the Tyne. It involved everyone in the company coming together to create a wonderful show and we invited some learning disabled dancers and drummers from Brazil to come to Gateshead to work with us.