‘Summit to Sea’ Aims to Restore Flourishing Ecosystems


A new initiative called Summit to Sea/O’r Mynydd i’r Môr aims to demonstrate that a different future is possible for the land and sea, that works for both people and nature. Rewilding Britain are the environmental NGO behind the initiative, stating the project will support nature-based economic opportunities as well as enabling people to re-connect with wild nature. This will create opportunities for communities, which will unravel as the project progresses.

Joined-up conservation

Summit to Sea aims to bring together one continuous nature-rich area, stretching all the way from the Pumlumon massif (the highest area in mid-Wales), through wooded valleys to the Dyfe Estuary and out into Cardigan Bay. The area will comprise at least 10,000ha of land and 28,400ha of sea within 5 years. Summit to Sea aims to restore flourishing ecosystems and a resilient local economy, on a scale never seen before in Britain.

Funding secured from the Endangered Landscapes Programme

A bid for £3.4m has been approved by the Endangered Landscapes Programme. This secures 5 years of funding for Summit to Sea and was one of only eight projects across Europe to receive this funding. This reflects the hard work of partners and all the local people and organisations who have helped to design the programme.

At Esmée we’re proud of Rewilding Britain’s success and excited about the project’s potential to improve biodiversity on land and at sea.

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