Stories from the Old Fire Station

Storytelling illustrates a sense of belonging

‘Looking for Change: Stories from the Old Fire Station’ is a storytelling project by an Oxford-based Arts organisation. Arts at the Old Fire Station share personal stories on housing, performance and belonging. Videos were created to tell these stories and share experiences, illustrating how people relate to their surroundings.

Young people can challenge workplace habits

‘Looking for Change’ shares 15 individual stories. On Stage I Feel Free shares the therapeutic, cathartic feelings of acting in theatre. Everybody’s Learning Something illustrates how working in accounting after studying in college enables young people to challenge long-held ways of working. And Coming Out Of My Shell speaks on set design, ushering, and creating a bright atmosphere for peers and the public.

On the stage, it is a good thing to just be able to project your emotions out to the audience. It gives you a certain kudos to stand in front of the audience. Some sort of self identity. I may come across as shy – but on stage, I feel free.

Evaluation gathers human stories, not just numbers

The stories and videos share insights that as a hands-off funder we don’t typically get to see. Katariina speaks about how the Old Fire Station influences her sense of place in Oxford, from a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere. Steve speaks on the process of evaluation and how this interactive approach has gathered human stories, not just numbers. Finally, a member of Crisis staff shares how the Arts and theatre bring a positive experience; rather than an add-on, these experiences have long-lasting influences.

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