Possilpark Greenspace

Amount Given:

£50,947 over three years (grant made in 2015)


Connecting people with nature and environment issues

Possil Park

Laura Bowman,

Grants Manager, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation


Friends of Possilpark Greenspace improves local sites on people’s doorsteps to create spaces that have a sense of place and which people of all ages can enjoy. Its urban setting and community engagement approach were identified as strengths, as well as the broader focus on the enhancement of urban biodiversity.  The organisation supports the community to have an active role in the decisions and design of local spaces, enhancing the sense of ownership.  It also offers site-based activities, including education and arts programmes and community celebration events to increase meaningful engagement. The organisation excites and inspires people to get involved and to take action to make a difference to their local area which presents a good match to our connecting people with nature priority. 

Shiona MacPhail,

Development Manager, Possilpark Greenspace


Canoeing Possil Park

The challenge we face in this area of Glasgow, is the sheer amount of vacant and derelict land present in our community and the negative impact this has on the lives of those who live here.  Normally, one looks at what percentage of the population live within 500m of a derelict site to gauge how severely impacted a community is.  In Possilpark it’s 100%.  That’s bad.  But it’s actually even worse than that - 96% live within just half of that distance, and 68% live within 100m – just a stone’s throw. 

We work throughout the area, and our biggest achievement is our flagship project, the Hamiltonhill Claypits.  A previously derelict 25 acre site, running along the edge of the Forth and Clyde Canal, at the heart of a highly urbanised, post-industrial area, surrounded by numerous communities, all ranking high (top 5-15%) on the Scottish Indices of Multiple Deprivation.  With our funding, we have been able to retain our member of staff who has since secured our goal of having the site protected by its designation as a Local Nature Reserve.  Also, by sustaining our working partnership with Scottish Canals and Glasgow City Council, has enabled us to secure major funding for the capital programme, which will see path networks, boardwalks, redesigned entrances and other features constructed over the next 18 months.  Thus, we have been able to ensure this valued wild space be protected for future generations and become fully accessible to all.

Helen Scott,

Local resident and long time volunteer

Until Friends of Possilpark Greenspace introduced me to the Claypits, I hadn’t realised that it was there, even though it’s right on my doorstep.  I now use the space an awful lot for giving me ‘headspace’ and an escape, allowing me to reconnect with the earth, which is very important to me and had been missing from my life for years.

I’ve managed to introduce my children to a local, safe place for them to explore.  Both of my children are autistic and research shows that a space with trees is hugely beneficial, allowing them to be grounded, feel safe and explore in their own way.  My church has also used the space for ‘forest church’ activities, including spotting plants, colours, animals, mimicking animals and child-friendly meditation techniques.  I’ve also been able to meet and make friendships with people that I wouldn’t have met anywhere else, which I really value.