Civil Society Futures Inquiry Launch


We were one of eight funders of Civil Society Futures - an inquiry to consider the role of civil society in England. This brought together perspectives from over 3,000 people, including 250 meetings with civil society leaders, 50+ conferences and events, and 50 interviews by Community Researchers. Its main recommendation calls for everyone in civil society to commit to a set of shared practices and behaviours in a PACT: four areas exploring Power, Accountability, Connection and Trust.

A civil society PACT

“Civil Society can and must lead change on the greatest issues in the next decade – but only if it changes itself”. To guide us along this path, the PACT includes “a set of behaviours and practices that will help us to get ready for the future, thrive and transform society”. It was created from a diversity of views, ideas and experiences of thousands of people across civil society and calls for stakeholders to interpret and apply the guide to help achieve long-term change.

How can we get involved?

Civil Society Futures have published three reports with their findings and proposals. The Story of Our Times speaks on shifting power, bridging divides, and transforming society. Civil Society in England discusses the present and future opportunities. Finally, Let’s Talk About Race explores civil society and race equality.

At Esmée we welcome the learning process Civil Society Futures has undertaken and look forward to discussing how we might take the findings on board ourselves.

Click here to access the reports and join the discussion on Twitter.