Llamau Ltd

Amount Given:

£120,000 over three years (grant made in 2014)


Improving support for disadvantaged children and young people


Hannah Alcock,

Grants Manager, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation

Llamau offers a holistic service, addressing a significant gap in support for vulnerable young people. The project is a strong fit with our interest in the social and emotional development of disadvantaged young people, as it focusses on enabling young people to make successful transitions at a key point in their lives. Llamau is an example of best practice in its engagement of families and multiple agencies in meeting complex needs. It built a strong case for funding by utilising evidence of previous impact.

Rebecca Huddleston,

Llamau Emphasis project Young Person's Adviser (Torfaen)


Our grant means we can support young people who don't fit into statutory services. Typically, our young people are disengaged from education and have fallen out with their families.  Consequently, there’s a very high risk of them becoming homeless – but they often don't quite meet the threshold for social services intervention.  Without our support they will become homeless at an age when they are least equipped to deal with it.

I offer outreach and intensive, consistent support to young people. I meet them at their homes and support them to make small steps towards positive changes to improve their quality of life and to empower them to achieve their goals and access specialist support.

I aim to improve their confidence, self-esteem and social skills, which is particularly important given the number of young people I support who suffer from really high levels of anxiety.  

The most rewarding part of the job is seeing a young person achieve their first small goals. Realising they’ve spent a couple of hours out of the house for the first time in years, for example. I describe myself as a Jack of all trades and an expert of none because my role is to find the best approach for each young person.


Service user

I dropped out of school after being bullied and it was hard to go back. Then I was afraid to go out of the house so I stopped seeing my friends.  My mum was so worried about me that she lost her job. School tried to help by arranging meetings and then because I wouldn't go they took my mum to court and gave her a fine.  Social services tried but I don't really get on with them as they split my family up.

I told Beccy why I couldn’t do things.

She kept coming so I agreed to go out with her for walks to local places - she always stayed with me.

Beccy contacted school and went to meetings and made them understand that I couldn't go back. I did some work at the Youth Service and sat my Maths and English GCSE. I enrolled in college and Beccy worked with me through the summer to help me get back on track and to build my confidence. College became too much for me but we were ready with a backup plan and I returned to training. I even catch the bus and have friends and go on trips. Beccy is always there to encourage me - she even calls to make sure I’m up in the morning. She has helped me achieve so much and get my life back.