New report: Esmée's insights on core funding

Who is this report for? 

This report is for funders who care not just about the impact of what they fund, but the impact of how they fund. We also hope it will help provide the organisations out there doing the work the ammunition to continue to make the case for what they need to thrive.


We have four key recommendations for funders (including us) as we strive to increase the amount of core and unrestricted support:

  • Invest in the ‘what’ and let organisations you fund determine the ‘how’.
  • Acknowledge your place in the complex jigsaw of funding.
  • Consider what barriers are real and what you’ve built.
  • Make longer grants.

Next steps

We’re eager to hear stories from both funders and funded organisations. If you're a funder, what's the next step to increasing your unrestricted support? For organisations, what do you hear when you ask for core funding?

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