“If you can’t see it, why would you want to protect it?”

About Community of Arran Seabed Trust (COAST)

COAST have fought to protect marine life in the seas around Arran for 20 years. From over-fishing to Scotland's first no-take zone, and recent Marine Protected Area, they have proved that local coastal communities can themselves be key to wide scale conservation.

We are delighted to share a film about COAST's work, launched on World Oceans Day, which aims to inspire other communities to make a difference for their local seas and seabeds. It shows a few of the cool things which can be found under in UK waters, and gives some very good reasons to take action to protect them, so that our kids can find them long into the future. 

Community involvement in campaigning for and setting up Marine Protected Areas is vital - please share this film with anyone who has an interest in protecting their local seas. 

Esmée Fairbairn Foundation has spent £7.8m on marine work in and around the UK since 2008. You can view our current marine grants here and what we fund in the environment here.