“I was in foster care and I’m proud”

What do you think when you think about children in care?

We are delighted to share a new film made by The Fostering Network which will challenge those assumptions.

Sharmin on Kim: "She helped me find myself, because I just didn't know what I was doing. I just wanted to party, and... Kim just kept on going and going, and here I am today because of Kim's help."

Kim on Sharmin: "They said, "oh she's attention seeking, so I said, if that's what she needs then that's what I'll give her. Her self-esteem gradually grew, she's always been kind and a generous person. She chose love and compassion.. and that's why I was so proud when she said she wanted to be a nurse".


Every 20 minutes across the UK a child comes in to care in need of a foster family. During Foster Care Fortnight, which runs from Monday 16 May to Sunday 29 May, this would mean 1,008 new children in need of fostering.  

The Fostering Network, a charity which works to improve the lives and life chances of children in foster care, runs Foster Care Fortnight as an annual campaign to raise the profile of fostering. It is also the UK's biggest foster carer recruitment campaign.